Wigan Football Club uses voice broadcasting


Thanks to Voice broadcasting, Steve Bruce, manager of Wigan Athletic FC, sends out personalised messages to over 2,750 wigan fans, using the latest voice broadcasting technology.

The technology is now a must-have generator of revenue streams for many Premiership and Championship clubs including Blackburn Rovers, Manchester City, Middlesbrough, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Coventry and Stoke City.

Voice relay offers this service

All that clubs need do to benefit from the technology is record a message from the manager or player and upload to their admin section (online) and select who to send the message to; this could potentially be thousands of people - from a current database of members to new additions, it really is that simple.

The personalised message is sent to the mobiles or landlines of all fans simultaneously (or spread out over a number of hours to avoid overloading ticket office staff) and they have the option to opt out from future broadcasts in the unlikely event they do not wish to receive personalised messages from their club.

voice messaging demo

Why not try the system for free?

Simply enter a valid UK landline number and give the voice broadcasting demo a whirl.


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