available, affordable brands. Short, memorable and catchy domains like the ultra-premium 4 letter names ( domains) for a new global enterprise, new technology brands for software and Internet companies, names for shopping and e-commerce names for retail sites and stores, or health and wellness names for medical and SPA businesses, all carefully selected by branding, linguistic and domaini consultants.

Brandxy offers only premium domain names in the most valued dot com domain extension because we know that branding your business with any other than dot com domain extension is a recipe for disaster and increased costs of marketing further down the road. The process of naming a new company is a challenge that will have a decisive impact on the future growth potential of any startup or project. Funds invested in a premium business name, that will be recognizable, memorable, catchy, and easily marketable, are a well-placed investment. Startups that fail to invest in a premium name – or to secure a quality business project name with a matching dot com domain name – tend to spend a lot more on marketing and brand awareness campaigns, and usually lose or leak traffic and potential sales in favor of a competitive brand with a premium com extension, that brings higher recognizability and better memorability.

Choosing a right brand name for a new company startup might prove to be the most important decision to be made in the first stage of the formation of a new business. The perfect business name should be unique, recognizable and stand aside from the crowd, should also by easy to read and pronounce, and should be marketable and brandable without having to spend excess funds on competing with infinite scores of similar, competitive brands. Business naming suggestions can be valuable to help you with the naming task, and company name ideas suggested in brand lists are a good starting point.

When an entrepreneur stands before a task of naming a new business, the best starting point is to gather all business name ideas that are most suitable to name a company of this specific profile, and run some tests amongst their target audience, their customers or their friends to find out which name is the most memorable, catchy and has the strongest association with the target niche. It is also crucial to remember, that a good business name needs to be versatile and general enough to allow for growth and expansion into new areas. Company names used to name new business or the change a company name, or rebrand a company, should be carefully assessed and thoroughly tested before committing to implement the new business name, because choosing a startup name and securing a matching brandable domain in dot com extension is a step of utmost importance, and it is often a costly position of a startup budget.

Buying a premium business name with a .com domain might prove to be the best investment for a startup company in its first steps, or for a new business product to be launched. At the later stage, when the business product has gained scale, it might become increasingly costly and difficult to acquire a premium domain name matching the chosen brand. Your own success in building up a business with a lesser domain might pump up the price of the .com domain, so it is important to secure your crucial assets upfront.

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