Voice Messaging

One of the quickest and most effective ways of transmitting a message is by text. But how do you know if the message was answered by a human or a machine? Calls left on answer machines may not be replied to for hours, even days. And if the message is urgent…

Interactive Text to Voice

Voice Relay’s interactive Text-to-Voice product resolves the problem at-a-stroke. It’s a simple solution to a time- critical communications problem:

  1. You send a text message to contacts or a voice message with the instruction “To hear the latest information about ….., please text the keyword ‘alert’ to ‘07777 777777′”.
  2. Recipients text “alert” to our highly-secure servers
  3. Each person who sent “alert” is called back with the latest information message
  4. The on-line report shows who has received your message

Our on-line reporting system ensures that you know who received your message and who didn’t at a glance, leaving you with the option of contacting those that didn’t on a secondary number.

Call sales on 0700345 0257 and ask for price details of this compelling product. Alternatively, email us and we’ll call you right back.