Insight Marketing uses voice broadcasting from voice relay

Jamie Greaves, Insight Marketing uses Voice Relay for voice broadcasting.

Jamie Greaves says:

With every debt management lead we also offer the option to put a claim in for miss-sold finance (PPI) to get an additional income and can get up to 35% of claim amount and an upfront cost for the claim through a claims management company we work with.

We have been spending money on loan decline data and still have not come across any good data to use for debt management, I am currently looking for partners to provide data that we can screen through our tele-sales teams and hot key to DM companies and also get PPI claims. We can handle massive quantities of leads there is a constant demand from DM companies for these type of leads.

We are currently looking for any partners that would like to join our revenue share scheme in regards to supplying data. We are offering a 50% commission split on all the profit we make from use of your data, I am able to come meet any data providers anywhere in the UK to discuss a long term working relationship that could be a benefit to both companies.

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