Green Marketing

reduce your carbon footprint voice relay

Who isn’t fed up with all of the leaflets and flyers that are constantly put through our letter boxes?

Not only is it time-consuming to sort through and recycle, but it also seems like a huge waste of resources, money and the obvious environmental impact.

Thankfully, Voice Relay’s voice broadcasting system allows you to contact your customers in an upbeat and engaging way without ever having to deliver a single leaflet or employ a costly call centre team for the job. You only then need send documentation to anyone who has shown interest in your product/service by pressing a key to contact your staff in real-time; that could one employee to several thousand, all at once!

Help reduce your carbon footprint

This benefit is particularly relevant to any companies or organisations which use up natural resources elsewhere in their day-to-day workings and would like to negate some of that through using our marketing techniques.

Our service does away with the need to flood current and potential customers with ‘junk mail’ that they will never read, and no trees are harmed in the process!

And an extra benefit is that you can change your message at any time without having to order a reprint!