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Questions and Answers

What is Voice broadcasting?
Voice Broadcasting is simply a pre-recorded message that can be delivered simultaneously to hundreds or thousands of people via the telephone.
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Who needs Voice broadcasting?
Any business who needs to convey their message ‘instantly’ to all of their current or potential customers at significantly reduced rates compared to the normal broadcasting techniques, such as flyers, letters, e-mail etc.

How many characters are allowed on an SMS message?
The current limit of one SMS message is set at 159 characters

What format should my voice file be?

We accept wav and MP3 files for use on your account.

What file formats are accepted for fax transmission?

Adobe pdf, but we will accept .docs for certain jobs; you must call support to see if this is appropriate for you.

Is HTML mail supported?
Yes. The HTML mail should be verified by Support but generally speaking HTML emails are fine, we also support Custom fields within the HTML.

How many custom fields are possible for an e-mail message?
Five custom fields should be marked as $customfield1 through $customfield5 and must be presented as columns 4 through 8 inclusive in the csv address file.
The e-mail may also include the following tags:

$email will return the contents of column 1
$customername will return the contents of column 3.
$date will return today’s date.

How can I add images to my HTML e-mail message?
Images should be linked from your website, using the fully qualified path. For example, src=”http://mysite.com/images/image1.jpg”
If you choose to host your site with us, we can carry this out for you.

If I send HTML formatted mail, what happens in old e-mail clients, which can’t display it?
In fact, most recent e-mail clients such as Outlook or Outlook Express can display HTML without any difficulty. It is true that this ability may have been disabled for security reasons. In this case, our system will automatically generate a text only version for those clients.
If you want total control over the display for text only clients, include alternate text at the end of the HTML, like this:

How many custom fields are possible for an SMS message?
SMS texting works in exactly the same way as email above although you only have a choice of $customername, $date, $customfield1 and $customfield2.
To use all of these fields would mean that you would need to upload a 6 column CSV file into your admin section along with a suitable SMS message with the variables in in the SMS set out as above.

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