Crisis Management

Welcome to Voice Relay’s Crisis Management Technology

In the event of a crisis, you need your staff to be fast, effective and accurate – use Voice Relay and have a communications system to match!

Unplanned events can have a devastating effect on any business or organisation making it imperative to have a crisis management plan in place. The Voice Relay system is a crucial tool in your armoury enabling you to contact all members of staff, suppliers, partners, contractors and customers should an emergency arise. Through the touch of a button you can simultaneously contact anyone you require, relaying crucial ‘business or even life-saving’ information in the all important first moments following a crisis occurring.

Uses and benefits:

  • A message to all staff stating that they should not attend work or should go directly to alternative premises
  • A message to all partners to request that they field all calls in the event of your communication system going down
  • A message to all clients to advise of a temporary break in Service Level Agreements and to advise of an estimated time of recovery

Examples where your plan would come into affect:

  • Natural disasters
  • Theft or Fire
  • Power cut
  • IT system failure
  • Restricted access to premises
  • Loss or illness of key staff
  • Outbreak of disease or infection
  • Terrorist attack Crises affecting suppliers - how would you source alternative supplies?
  • Crises affecting customers
  • Crises affecting your business’ reputation

FACT: 50% of businesses that do not have a business continuity plan cease trading within 12mths of the disaster.