Cheapest Landline calls

Check out the cheap landline calls which are available now in the UK.


If you’re looking for cheap landline deals in the United Kingdom then there are plenty to choose from. Whether you make a lot of calls or just a few to friends, you’ll be able to find the right landline deals for you. If you have a mobile then you might not even need a landline, in that case this isn’t the page for you!

Saving money is all about being smart, make sure you check out all the deals available before you sign a contract. Make sure that the service isn’t cheap just because the cost is. There are many landline deals which now include free anytime minutes, that means call are not just cheap, but actually free for a set monthly cost. Believe it or not lots of people still use their landlines although this has decreased with the birth of the mobile phone which offers free calls and text messages.

Traditionally calls to mobiles have always been expensive n landline so make sure that calls to mobiles are included in you deal. If you think you will be making lots and lots of calls to mobiles rather than landlines then you might be better off using your cheap mobile phone than your landline for calls to other mobiles. Please remember that calls to competition lines are also different from mobile phones, you should always check the cost with your operator as landlines are different. If you want cheap landline calls then stick to using landlines, if you want calls to mobiles choose a good contract.

How do phone companies offer cheap landline calls?

There are a variety of ways.


Autodiallers route your calls to them via a small adapter, which you can plug into the socket of your landline.
Carrier Pre Selection automatically routes your calls to your landline supplier.
Prefix number plans means you dial a 4 digit number before each call to redirect it through your supplier’s line.
Wholesale Lines let you receive one bill from your new supplier for all calls and landline rental.

Remember that you can normally keep your number when switching.

So which is the best option for cheap landline calls?

Which of the above options you can choose depends on your location. But how much you would pay will also vary from one supplier to the next, depending on the landline calls you make.

Normally inclusive free calls start from around 9.99 per month and will involve a 12 month contract, make sure you look at the small print and don’t end up stuck in a contract you don’t really need. Remember the operators are out to make money, just as much as you are out to save it! Although you are in a contract the calls become dirt cheap - if you call lots of landlines and talk for hours and hours to loved ones, friends or even on business then that would be great for you. Leaving you some extra cash to spend on your family, a holiday or maybe even a new car, if you save for long enough.

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Money is tight these days and we have to watch the pennies - why not see what you can be saving on your landline calls now, it won’t take long and they take all the hassle out of it for you. It’s easier than you think and best of all FREE.

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