Cheapest Landline calls

Check out the cheap landline calls which are available now in the UK.

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Hot Leads Factory turns to voice broadcasting

Financial lead generator Hot Leads factory has turned to voice broadcasting to send property advertisements to potential customers all over the world.

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Voice Broadcasting Example

Based on 100,000 messages sent:

50,000 calls are answered (average pick up rate)
2% interest means 1000 inbound enquiries
1% interest means 500 inbound enquiries
½% interest means 250 inbound enquiries

Because of the sheer volumes that can be sent out the above returns are more than achievable.

How much does Voice Broadcasting cost?

Literally pennies. You only pay for answered calls and this is per second billing, the rate can be anywhere between: 4p and 20p a minute (based on volume)

Compare this to a mail shot

with a stamp, paper, envelope and printing cost.

The average mail shot cost 76p each!

With that in mind you can see just how cost effective Voice broadcasting is, and unlike Mail shots, Voice broadcasting can give you results the same day it is sent, it’s cost effective and extremely measurable.

Wigan Football Club uses voice broadcasting


Thanks to Voice broadcasting, Steve Bruce, manager of Wigan Athletic FC, sends out personalised messages to over 2,750 wigan fans, using the latest voice broadcasting technology.

The technology is now a must-have generator of revenue streams for many Premiership and Championship clubs including Blackburn Rovers, Manchester City, Middlesbrough, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Coventry and Stoke City.

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Call, text for free, doing well after a shaky start


Blyk, the advertiser-funded free mobile phone service, has hit its target of 100,000 users. This is good going from what started off as a shaky start.

Launched just 5 months ago, the service is exclusively for 16-24 year olds.

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Camden Corporate Fleet Services uses Voice Broadcasting

Camden Corporate Fleet Services has begun using voice broadcasting to push sales of newly registered cars.

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Corporate SMS - Breaking boundaries


SMS Marketing Solutions

A community site on a ZD Net website reports that corporate clients can use SMS marketing solutions to ensure that customers remain loyal to their services.

They can also acquaint target users with special deals and offers, or new and innovative products that have just been launched.

The interactivity of these solutions could ensure that clients get a response from their users, which in turn would help them to enhance the quality and the level of their services. Moreover, customer interest can be generated using the platform of popular competitions, which could also double up as a source of revenue.

St. Michael le Belfrey Church of York uses Voice Broadcasting


This is the first time that a church has used voice broadcasting.
A personalised message from the Vicar, Roger Simpson, has been sent to the mobiles and landlines of 500 church members, encouraging them to register for the event. It’s great to see that the Church is embracing new technologies to deliver their message.

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Marketing strategy Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting Can Double or Treble Your Response Rate

Amazingly, only around 20% of direct mail (through the door mail) is ever opened. Most is placed directly in the bin.

Voice Broadcasting

has been shown to yield up to 3 times the response rate of direct mail or telemarketing campaigns.
A voice broadcast can also smooth the way for direct mail by alerting the prospect to its arrival, thereby enhancing the chance of it being opened.

Many people hang up on telemarketers before they ever get a chance to deliver their message. Voice broadcasting is much less intrusive than a “live” telemarketer. People are more receptive to your sales message. Your voice broadcast will be fully listened to most of the time, specially if it interesting with a worth while offer.

Who can use Voice Broadcasting?

Any one who deals with the general public, our main customer base include:

  • Government organisations
  • Retail outfits promoting special offers
  • Financial Services, anything from debt collection to debt consolidation or even mortgage offers
  • Large or small companies wanting to communicate offers, benefits or information to existing or new clients
  • Football clubs promoting new kits, ticket sales or general information
  • Car Showrooms promotional offers

Any company that has renewal contracts