Camden Corporate Fleet Services uses Voice Broadcasting

Camden Corporate Fleet Services has begun using voice broadcasting to push sales of newly registered cars.

Camden Corporate’s decision to pilot voice message broadcasting to sell new vehicles is driven by poor results from print advertising. Camden Corporate’s new digital campaign breaks this evening.

5,000 customers will receive a personalised voice message

and a call to action on their mobiles or landlines. The message invites them to call Camden dealerships that are involved in the promotion and take advantage of deals of up to £4,000 off showroom prices on new March registration models.

Camden Corporate Fleet Services has outlets in Leighton Buzzard, Islip, Corby and Livingston. It’s one of Britain’s largest fleet service providers. Following the acquisition of Inchcape Automotive in June 2007, it supplies over 100,000 new vehicles and services each year to some of Britain’s best known fleet customers, including vehicle manufacturers, daily rental companies, contract hire and leasing businesses major outright purchase fleets and body shops.

It’s the retail arm of Camden Corporate Fleet Services that has chosen to pilot the voice broadcasting service at four of its seven franchised retail dealerships. Those taking part are Renault and Nissan in Dunstable, Ford in Leighton Buzzard, and Vauxhall in Aylesbury. If the trial is successful, it could see the Renault and Nissan businesses in Northampton and the Renault and CarStore sites in Milton Keynes also utilising the service.

There is little doubt that digital media will overtake traditional means of advertising for businesses such as Camden Corporate to reach and engage with customers and we believe that a personalised voice message broadcasting service could become campaign nirvana for us,

says Camden Corporate Retail Marketing Manager, Gavin Cook.

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