Advertising and Marketing

The way Advertising and Marketing Agencies engage with the consumer is changing. Voice Relay’s voice and text broadcasting services are helping them to develop dynamic brand awareness campaigns with waves of mobile users, bringing their message closer and faster to new generations of consumers than ever before.

Voice and text broadcasts for product launches, in store promotions, text-to-win competitions… these are just some of our products being used by agencies to their support their print and poster campaigns.

Voice Broadcasting Example

Based on 100,000 messages sent:

50,000 calls are answered (average pick up rate)
2% interest means 1000 inbound enquiries
1% interest means 500 inbound enquiries

½% interest means 250 inbound enquiries

Because of the sheer volumes that can be sent out the above returns are more than achievable.

How much does Voice Broadcasting cost?

Literally pennies. You only pay for answered calls and this is per second billing, the rate can be anywhere between: 4p and 20p a minute (based on volume)

Compare this to a mail shot

with a stamp, paper, envelope and printing cost.

The average mail shot cost 76p each!

With that in mind you can see just how cost effective Voice broadcasting is, and unlike Mail shots, Voice broadcasting can give you results the same day it is sent, it’s cost effective and extremely measurable.

Check out our compelling services and then call our sales team on 0700 345 0257 for further information and price details. It might just be the best call you’ve made in a long time.